About Us

Executive Team

Mr. S. Vivek Kumar - Head of Technology Practices

Snapshot profile: He is an Electronics Engineer with over 15 years of experience and has been with company for over 7 years now. Experienced in planning, building, and implementing, Customer care solutions on the CTI framework. Keen in-depth understanding of emerging telecom technologies, networking technologies, government policies and deployment processes in CTI space. Currently is heading the PS as well as projects for company.

Mr. S. Suresh - Head of Digital pen, VAS & Customer support

Snapshot profile: He is a Post Graduate with over 20 years of experience and has been with company for over 7 years now. He has handled several ERP product implementations including some cutting-edge object-oriented solutions for various verticals including Automobile, Electronics and Manufacturing set-up. VAS products including SDP for Telcos is a practice under him. He heads the 24x7 support desk of LB as well as currently heading the Digipen business, PoC, Pilot and 'Live' deployments with a team of engineers, specially trained for this product line.

Mr. K.N. Shankar - Head of GIS and Embedded systems

Snapshot profile: He is a Engineer, MBA with over 18 years of experience in GIS and spatial technologies. Company has now cutting-edge product called 'LBGeo', 'SimplyTrack' and 'i-Box' and servicing customers like Ashok Leyland, MTC, FRHS etc. in serving the automated digital map based applications.LBGeo is also now being tested for Spatial MIS for reporting / analytics using Georeferenced data for IOCL, HUL etc.