LBIT follows the tested and proven FIND development methodology. FIND is requirements-driven and architecture centric. It follows a 4 stage Structured, Progressive and Iterative approach starting with an in-depth ‘ F easibility' study. The ‘ I nitialize' stage is where the Prototyping and Application Architecture takes shape. Highly skilled developers with more than 5 man-years experience in speech application development handle the ‘ N urture' stage, which involves design & development, and integration testing. As part of the ‘ D eployment' stage, multi-cycle testing is done internally to ensure defect-free, faster and easier UAT. With highly agile rollout team in place, deployment timeframes are shrunk enabling quicker rollout to market. Mid-cycle changes have little impact on the cost and schedule since efficient project planning, tracking and Change management processes are in place. Emphasis on Quality is the key to LBIT's increase in deployment success rate. With excellent Client Engagement/facing abilities, communication gaps and delays are minimized. Our knowledge management system is extremely efficient, due to our Regular project reviews and periodic knowledge transfer & training activities that are supported by clear documentation.