Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based customer service solution
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) based Customer service solution The growing demand for remote self-service has created a need for more customer- friendly interfaces to information systems. The most natural of all interfaces, of course, is human voice. LBIT's advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions enables people to conduct a myriad of transactions by interacting with information systems in the simplest possible way by speaking over the telephone. It is not surprising that ASR is augmenting, and in many cases replacing traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems that rely on touch-tone technology, particularly those that have had low user acceptance rates. The goal of LBIT's Speech-enabled applications is to assist the callers in obtaining information and performing transactions simply by speaking "naturally". LBIT's Speech Recognition Solutions can deliver more than a simple upgrade or enhancement of touch-tone IVR applications. The value proposition for integration of speech recognition capabilities into an IVR environment is derived from the automation of transactions that are too tedious or impractical to perform using a touch-tone-only interface. A speech interface gives callers more flexible navigation options that are less complex and more intuitive than rigidly hierarchical touch-tone menu options. This provides faster, easier self-service transactions for customers and promotes increased customer satisfaction and retention.
The primary benefit that LBIT's speech solutions bring to the table is the potential for dramatic reductions in operational costs. Since a higher percentage of customer calls can be fully or partially automated, productivity of customer service personnel is greatly improved. Increased automation frees the customer service agent from many routine tasks and reduces costs related to customer service staffing, as fewer agents are sufficient to serve more customers. Thus, profitability improves when savings in overhead expenses are realized. LBITs' speech solutions can be deployed in a myriad of scenarios across many verticals – Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Health Care to name a few.
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